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Compassionate Lymphedema Management

Reduce swelling in your arms, legs, or other body parts through lymphedema management by Ultimate Therapy in Leonardtown, Maryland. Our therapists are dedicated to providing you with the caring treatment you deserve.

Woman in Treatment - Lymphedema Management

Recognizing Lymphedema
Lymphedema is swelling caused by an abnormal build-up of protein and excess water in tissue that typically occurs after cancer treatments, such as the surgical removal of lymph nodes or radiation. It causes discomfort, interferes with wound healing, and causes infections.

Our Program

Though it is often a long-term issue, lymphedema is manageable. Our program seeks to improve the quality of your life and your ability to maintain your own health by:

  • Reducing the Size of the Affected Arm or Leg
  • Minimizing Recurrence of Lymphedema
  • Decreasing Pain, Discomfort, Numbness
  • Limiting the Risk of Infection

Treatment Methods

The mode of your treatment varies depending on the cause and degree of swelling. As a rule, a combination of treatment methods is most effective.

Our methods include manual lymphatic drainage, where we gently move the skin to increase the flow of lymph from swollen tissues to healthy parts of your body. In some circumstances, we use compression pumps to "milk" the fluid from the limb. The swollen arm or leg is wrapped with low-stretch bandages or compression garments are worn to prevent the fluid from returning.
We then provide education on managing lymphedema over a lifetime, which includes skin care procedures as well as breathing, arm, and leg exercises. Additionally, we address the mental impact through techniques proven to lessen the psychological distress associated with this condition.

Therapy Session - Craniosacral Therapy

Contact us for holistic lymphedema management assistance.