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Rejuvenating Massage Therapy

Bodywork treatments can help alleviate stress, painful or tight muscles, joint restriction and the negative effects of forced inactivity.

In addition to traditional Swedish massage, we offer the following special balancing treatments for relief of symptoms. These include Myofascial Release, Energy balancing and healing, and CranioSacral work. Prices are listed below.

Encourage the body's natural healing mechanisms with this gentle therapy treatment. Improve the function of the central nervous system, dissipate negative effects of stress and enhance resistance to disease by releasing energy blocks along the spinal column.

Myofascial Release

Release tension from fibrous bands of tissue (fascia) that connect to bones, muscles, joints and nerves. Myofascial release restores balance and helps to relieve back pain, fibromyalgia, headaches and sports injury.


Polarity Therapy / Energy Healing 

Blend energy touch, energy nutrition and movement through this ancient practice of Polarity Therapy. Polarity is a natural wellness system that defines healing as the path of finding balance and harmony with the environment and the elements around us.


Deep Tissue Massage

Release muscle tension, realign posture and restore proper range of motion.

Relaxing Infared Heat

Private Therapeutic Environment

Pricing | 40 min: $55 |  60 min: $85 | 90 min: $110

Check with your insurance company to see if Massage Therapy is a benefit on their plan.